International Services

In professional sports, nothing compares to your personal performance team from back home. That’s why John Black international performance services offers top quality, high-service solutions for professional athletes playing abroad. We provide an all-inclusive service that combines training, treatment and rehab at any desired location. Athletes who want to play at their best, need a personal, trustworthy, high performance team.

During the season, our high-performance team visits athletes periodically, before important games or in case of injury or recovery needs. Pre-season, our specialist dedicates the desired weeks for on-location training, exercise and recovery.

The international service is focussed on improving an athletes alertness, explosivity, speed, recovery and freshness and is especially effective at priming the internal motor system before important games, to fix small aches and solve soreness and fatigue. In case of serious injury, our performance team will take care of the athlete to ensure proper recovery and provide an integrated rehab program.

Our unique plans are designed by university graduated trainers, strength coaches, physical therapists and dietitians who are well educated and have experience in elite-level sports (top divisions, Champions Leagues, Euro Cups, World Cups and the Olympics).