Club and Team

Club and Team Services

Building on our expertise and experience, our Club and Team Services help sports clubs and teams with everything they need to create a professional and effective performance structure to optimize physical performance. We evaluate the systems currently in place and test all athletes on strengths, weaknessess, imbalances and critical performance qualities. With this, we provide the highest quality solutions and programs to increase performance, reduce injuries and optimize rehab processess.

If needed, teams of our specialists can be integrated at sports clubs full-time. Full guidance and support with programs and periodic testing, evaluation and adjustment is also available.

Our services are provided by a high-performance team, consisting of specialists in fitness, strength, movement, treatment and physical therapy. Our university graduated performance team has experience in elite-level sports (top divisions, Champions Leagues, Euro Cups, World Cups and the Olympics). With our expertise and experience we can optimize training of a club, as well as implementing prevention and rehab strategies to significantly improve physical performance outcomes.


John Black offers unique performance camps to prepare athletes and boost sports performance. Camps include training, testing, recovery and treatment services. It is possible to integrate our services into the training camps that sports teams organize themselves or to use our connections to set up all-inclusive training camps, consisting of friendly matches, hotel options and more. It is also possible to send athletes in need of one-on-one training, treatment or rehab to our high-performance team and work individually with our experts in a tailor-made program.

Unsure how effective the current performance structure and quality of strategies in prevention, training and rehab are? We offer consultations and evaluations, in which we bring our expertise and experience to the table. We evaluate the structure currently in place and discuss the posibilities for optimization, together with the club’s performance team and management. If wanted, we also offer education and implementation solutions.